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Reduced Cost for Semaglutide!

I have some great news on the weight loss front. We found an even better price for semaglutide at a pharmacy that also includes free shipping on any orders over $150. The table below shows the reduced prices using our new pharmacy:

Previous Pharmacy Cost for Semaglutide

New Pharmacy Cost Semaglutide

0.25mg weekly $90/month

0.25mg weekly $60/month

0.5mg weekly $115/month

0.5mg weekly $70/month

1mg weekly $150/month

1mg weekly $90/month

1.7mg weekly (7 doses) or 2.4mg weekly (5 doses)  $230/month

1.5mg weekly $125/month

2.5mg weekly $175/month

Medications are ordered and paid directly through the pharmacy, we do not profit from the medication at all.

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This medication is very effective for weight loss. Before semaglutide was approved, we had very little options that were both safe for long term use and effective. The issue now is that the brand name of this medication is $1000 a month, rarely covered by insurance, and med spas are essentially scalping the compounded version for anywhere from $250-300 for under 1mg and $350-400 for the higher doses.

Doctors should not be quadrupling the cost of your medication to get rich. This medication is not a beauty treatment, it's not a "skinny shot", it's a medication that can prevent diabetes, heart disease, and debilitating arthritis by normalizing overactive food cravings in the body. You are beautiful already, whatever shape, size, color, and appearance you take, you deserve to feel good about yourself, be respected, and be loved.

It's the goal of this clinic to make sure this medication is used for the right reasons, to help you reach your healthcare goals, and is available at the most affordable cost possible.

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If you need help, reach out to me! Every membership has 14 days free before you are even charged and can be canceled any time. This will let you try out our service and get a prescription before you pay a single dollar to us. We hope you do stick around to support our mission and partner with us to reach your goals.

Much love,

Dr. Mia Guzman


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