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Why I Don’t like to Diet: A Rambling Manifesto

TLDR – dieting feels bad, semaglutide makes you feel full faster so eating less feels natural and you gradually lose weight.

Diet fads can be restrictive

Dieting feels awful. I’ve done it and it’s hard because, frankly, it sucks. Losing weight can be as hard as holding your breath and pretending you don’t need air. Our bodies cue us to take in as many Calories as possible. They’re also great at ensuring we burn the bare minimum and store the rest away. The more we resist the signals, the louder they become. When I hold my breath, my body screams, “Breathe!” When I cut back my eating, my body screams, “Eat! Also, eat a lot. Maybe order out so it’s here quicker and we can watch some anime while we wait.” Ok, it doesn’t scream the second part, but you get the idea. Hunger: bad. Anime: good.

Newer weight loss medication semaglutide (brand name: Ozempic) changes the signal at its source. You feel fuller faster and longer. One of the main ways it does this is by simply slowing the rate your stomach empties. So suddenly that Chinese food you ate actually makes you feel full all day instead of reminding you to get more Chinese food later tonight. On this medication, eating a little can feel like a lot and the volume on food craving signals is turned down to a reasonable, livable, level. I can eat what I want, follow some reasonable dietary advice, but I don’t have to use an extremely restrictive diet plan like Keto or Paleo.

This med can be used long term, but once we reach our ideal weight, we can try maintenance techniques to do it without the medication. Most people will lose weight with this, many people will lose a lot of weight. It will be done in a way that is sustainable. It’s my job to make sure it’s done safely. It’s ca.l.m. Healthcare’s goal to make sure it’s done more affordably than anyone else! Try our free 14 day trial to see if semaglutide is right for you!


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