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Choice Matters

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Often times choosing between two items that are very similar in taste and composition, one of them is much more Calorie dense than the other. In the end, the difference in taste may be minimal compared to the Calorie cost for choosing the denser food.

For example, you're choosing your protein. You're in Texas, so you know how to use spices (I see you there with that full spice rack! Good for you!), this makes the protein more of a carrier for your culinary genius than the main flavor. So you can choose a 93% lean instead of a 80% lean ground beef and still be pretty happy. The difference being 170 Calories for a quarter pound vs 280 Calories for a quarter pound.

You make good food, so imagine now you want to eat 3 servings because you've had a long day and maybe missed lunch. 93% tastes amazing and you pair it with a nice side dish. Your big meal cost you 540 for the meat and maybe 110-200 for the side dish. Awesome, 750 Calories at worst for a fairly large meal, well within your goal range and you have plenty of room for choosing some snacks tonight. For comparison a fast food value meal will run you 1,000-1,400 Calories without factoring in the drink.

Now the 80% would have cost you 840 for the beef alone and the side dish brings you to 1,050 Calories. This is the difference between a Blue Bell cup of ice cream later and still being in budget vs. missing your goals today. Imagine you make this same choice 10 times a month for a year because in this situation you love hamburger (like I do). For choosing 80% lean, you've taken in 10 x 12 x 300 Calories extra this year or 36,000 Calories. Losing a pound of fat takes a deficit around 3,500 Calories. This 93% lean vs that 80% for one of your favorite dishes could be worth 10 pounds a year.

I'm not saying to empty the shelves of 93% lean ground beef, though it generally quite tasty. This is just an example of how small numbers become very big numbers when repeated for a year. Making the right choice at the store between two items that will generally net you the same happiness and satisfaction could be essential to your healthcare goals. Thanks for reading! I'm going to go find some 93 lean beef and mushrooms for tonight!

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