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The Price is Right: Stop Getting Overcharged for Healthcare

Stop Getting Overcharged for Healthcare

Ever notice how prices aren’t listed in healthcare? And when they are they never seem to match the bill that comes later. There’s a reason for that: it’s mostly made up. Medical billing is an absolute mess: a nightmare of random upcharges, overcharges, and fees. If you ever get a large bill from a hospital or clinic, dispute it and watch it magically become less when you request an itemized bill.

Healthcare costs are crazy! We only charge $50 a month or less and don’t upcharge meds for profit; our weight loss competitors do. We’re a small shop with no shareholders and our business owner (me) is the one you talk to and prescribes your meds. Your $50 gets you all the healthcare we can do online including diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions for medication.

Weight loss meds we prescribe cost anywhere from around $90 a month to $200 a month because we prescribe them directly from the pharmacy. Other places charge $200-400+ a month. Mental healthcare meds generally cost even less (about $5-50/month, also insurance covers them most of the time). With c.a.l.m. you will get meds directly from the pharmacy to keep prices as low as they get. My competitors disguise their upcharge as simplicity in their all-in-one pricing such as: “$280/month for doctor advice and meds!” What they really mean is “$90 for the medicine, $190 for shareholders! 😉” Yeah. No thanks.

Semaglutide cost

Your $50 a month gets you a direct private secure chat line to me. Yes, me, I’m Dr. Guzman, or Mia, or Dr. Mia. I’m a family medicine doctor, I’m writing this article, and I run Healthcare. You can reach me for questions, feedback on the meds, reporting any side effects, or just to say it’s going great. (I love to hear that last one.) When you sign up, I can help you with anything that can be done through virtual care (online visits), which winds up being a lot.

There’s a 14-day free trial, so, if you decide our services aren't right for you or don’t need them just now, cancel without having to call us. You can do it directly from your profile on the website. After you sign up, you fill out your medical info in a brief survey, it’s sent securely to me, and you sign into the messenger in your profile. You can say hello, send any additional info, or shoot me a pic of your pets. I’m a cat person, but love dogs, too. (Snakes, rats, and possums are also welcome!) I message back with advice and medication prescriptions. You will get a notification text with a link back to our secure conversation. I reply as soon as I can, within 2 hours Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm.

Common services offered virtually:

  • Depression diagnosis and medications

  • Anxiety diagnosis and medications

  • Bipolar disorder medication management

  • ADHD diagnosis and management (Will require a video visit, included in subscription)

  • Medication management of existing prescriptions: for example, blood pressure medications

  • Blood work ordering and interpretation

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Narcan prescription

  • Contraceptive counseling and prescription

  • Work notes, school notes

  • Preventative healthcare review

  • Thyroid medication adjustments

  • Gender affirming care

  • Simple rashes

  • Female UTIs with typical symptoms

  • Viagra prescriptions

  • Insomnia evaluation and treatment

- Dr. Mia Guzman


Have questions about c.a.l.m. Healthcare or are wondering if Dr. Guzman can cover your medical needs before subscribing? Reach out to us at

with any and all concerns!

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