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Depression Has Many Faces

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Can I have clinical depression without feeling sad all the time?

Yes. Depression has many faces and isn’t always what we would classically think of as “being depressed.” It may affect someone more as constant fatigue, feeling weighed down, unfulfilling sleep, and difficulty enjoying things. Having a bad mood or depressed mood, feeling down, isn’t always part of depression. Just like a heart attack doesn’t always give someone chest pain. A heart attack can feel like shortness of breath and stomach pain. Listen to your body, and if you feel like something is wrong and you’re having trouble living your life the way you want to, we can help. Clinical intervention for depression, anxiety, and especially for heart attacks can be extremely effective! You’re worth it!

Examples: Gamers, you may feel like you’re not enjoying your games as much. You just got a new release from your wish list, but you haven’t’ even fired it up. You scroll through Steam looking at games that should be fun, but can’t bring yourself to go through the motions. You’ve gone about an hour into a bunch of seemingly great games and stop because it just doesn’t click. You remember how excited you used to get about your games and how great it was to play, but something just doesn’t feel right about them now. You want to experience gaming again like you used to.

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Feel like you’re just going through the motions of life? Friends text or call and you can’t muster the energy to want to go. You feel like you’re disconnected from the joy you normally feel when you do your favorite things. Your friends miss you. You miss you.

You’re having trouble at work because you are so tired. You sleep all the time, but it never seems to help. You can’t focus and you feel guilty because you feel like you should be able to manage this. Sometimes, despite how tired you are, you can’t seem to turn your brain off at night and sleep. You get home and can’t bring yourself to do anything fun.

If any of these scenarios sound very familiar, find help. It’s not your fault, depression is something that happens to you, not something you did or deserve. There is help. Get your life back!

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